Women Empowerment Cell

Posted Date : 2018-02-19 06:02:02

Immediate Justice To gain immediate protect To lodge immediate FIR To lodge Non- Cognisable Offence To fast track the investigation process in crimes against women To help in execution of court orders To take action against ineligible Police personnel To file charge sheet in cases of crime against women

Posted Date : 2018-02-17 07:37:48

Women are amongst very vulnerable sections in any social order. A large number of them face harassment/violence from strangers, family members and other known to them. Such abuse may take place at homes and work places. The violence may be in the form of psychological abuse as well as physical abuse. Victims in most cases cannot take recourse to the criminal justice system for a variety of reasons including the fear of social stigma and lack of information about the support system that could come to their rescue. Read More

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